Match makeup shade across brands

Why find your makeup color shade in other brands ?

Whether you’re looking for new makeup because your current makeup just doesn’t suit your skin type or if you’re simply just looking for a change, at Cosmetic Shades, we know how hard and overwhelming it is to find the best shade for you, especially with the vast amount of makeup shades.

Not every makeup product is perfect for everyone, so why limit yourself to only a few makeup brands?

It’s no secret that some makeup products contain ingredients that just aren’t suitable for everyone’s skin, you may be left with red rashes on your skin as a result of using a specific makeup product. Or your skin may be left looking too dry or way too greasy because your foundation may not be right for you skin type.

Why use Cosmetic Shades and how we work?

When looking for a new makeup, you may be confused as to what other brands are available to you and what shade to even consider purchasing. Cosmetic Shades has been specifically created to help you with your makeup buying experience.

Our complex algorithms can help narrow down the makeup products and their shades so you don’t have to worry about scouring through hundreds of different colours instore, that lets be honest, all look so similar but are so different when worn!

Simply select your makeup category, brand and product, then swipe to select your current makeup shade and easily view your closest matches.

How is Cosmetic Shades different?

Unlike other websites and apps, we do not limit our users to just foundations and concealers. We understand that lip products are just as important as base products. You may love your current foundation shade and brand but may be struggling to find a brand with a different formula as your current lip product, that has your favourite “red tone. You can use Cosmetic Shades to find your long awaited “red” in a new brand that may have a formula that you adore!

What if your current makeup brand product is no longer available?

However, not all makeup products stay available to purchase forever. You may own a makeup product that you love but it has been discontinued and you are unable to repurchase it. But don’t fret, we were sure to include makeup products that you can’t purchase, but you can still use your favourite makeup product to find the next best thing with that same shade!

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