Find My Makeup Shade In Multiple Brands

Cosmetic shades, a makeup color comparison app, which will help you to find multiple branded foundations, concealers, lipsticks and lipgloss' with similar colors to your current brand.

Cosmetic Shades Application
Cosmetic Shades Makeup Finder

Match makeup color across makeup brands

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the vast amount of different color shades that makeup brands have?

With Cosmetic Shades app, you can easily narrow down your options of makeup colors available across multiple brands, in order to find the closest shade that you want.

Use Cosmetic Shades to search, find and match alternative makeup products across multiple brands with similiar shades.

Cosmetic Shades uses advanced classification algorithms to quickly compare over 200 products of foundations, concealers, lipsticks and lipgloss’, with over 4000 color shades to find the shade that matches your complexion.

Whether you’re shopping instore or online at home, use Cosmetic Shades app to save time and money by narrowing your cosmetic shade options down to your closest match.

Cosmetic Shades provides comparisons over many makeup luxury brands along with drugstore brands in order to give you a wide variety of brand options of your preference.

Find out more about finding makeup color shades with Cosmetic Shades App ...

Select a makeup category

Choose between foundations, concelaers, lipsticks and lipgloss'.

Pick your makeup brand

Pick between major makeup brands and drugstore brands.

Choose your makup product

Choose your current makeup product that you wish to find an alternative product with a similiar shade.

Find your closest shade

Find and save one or more alternative makeup products, which have the similiar shade to your current makeup.

View your new product online

See your chosen makeup product online or instore.

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Any questions?

This free trial is through iTunes, which means Apple handles the activation, cancellation, and any fees. If you do not wish to start a free trial, then on the subscription screen you can use the 'X' in the top right corner of the screen to exit. This will give you free access to one cosmetic category where you can experience some application functionality.
Begin your free trial through your Cosmetic Shades app by tapping a "locked item" and following the instructions on the page.
Cosmetic shades is not able to cancel a free trial on your behalf. You can cancel through the iTunes account settings on your iPhone, or in desktop iTunes on a computer. To cancel the subscription on your iPhone, you will need to got to 'settings' > 'iTunes & App Store' and tap on your Apple ID. Within the pop up box that appears, tap 'View Apple ID'. That should bring you to an Account Setting screen, where you can scroll down to a subscriptions option. Tap on 'Subscription' and select 'Cosmetic Shades' from the list of your applications.

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