Goodbye Endless Swatching, Hello Perfect Match

A white-label online and instore makeup matching application for multiband retailers. With a few clicks, customers can find their perfect makeup shade

Integrate A.I. experiences into beauty retail stores: reduce returns, accelerate sales, enhance customer experience, gain inventory insights, and outshine direct-to-consumer brands

Cosmetic Shades Application
Makeup sales made easier

Match makeup shades across makeup brands

Finding the perfect makeup shade is often overwhelming for customers, even with the help of staff

With misleading in-store lighting and a vast sea of options, choosing the right shade is difficult, especially during rush hours

Cosmetic Shades streamlines this process, allowing staff to identify customer’s ideal shade across multiple brands, or even giving customers the freedom to find their own match

Personalised shopping with A.I.

If one brand in your store doesn’t have the shade your customer’s need, another will. With Cosmetic Shades, you can easily redirect your customers to the brand that has their shade, so you never lose a sale

Cosmetic Shades uses advanced classification algorithms to quickly compare over 200 products of foundations, concealers, lipsticks and lipgloss’, with over 4000 color shades to find the shade that matches your complexion.

Offer a shopping experience that online-only brands can't match.

Find out more about finding makeup color shades with Cosmetic Shades App ...

Flawless Shade Matching

Use A.I. to deliver unparalleled customer experiences

Sustainable Choices

Drastically reduce product returns. It's eco-friendly and cost-effective

True Colour, Every Time

AI factors in lighting variations, ensuring consistent recommendations

Swift Selections

Save your customers' precious time. Fast, efficient, and spot-on!

Seamless omnichannel integration

Unify in-store and online experiences, keeping your brand top-of-mind and fingertips

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Most Common Questions?

We understand the importance of maintaining a strong and cohesive brand presence, the Cosmetic Shades white-label application is designed to adapt to your store’s branding needs. Here’s how it work-

  1. Logo & Colour Scheme: We'll incorporate your store's logo and colour scheme throughout the app to ensure it aligns with your brand identity
  2. Branded Interface: The user interface will be tailored to mirror the look and feel of your other branded customer touchpoints, providing a consistent experience
  3. Customisable Features: Features within the app can be personalized to highlight your store's unique selling points and marketing messages
  4. Packaging and Presentation: From the app icon to the loading screens, every visual aspect can be customised to reflect your branding
  5. Continuous Brand Alignment: As your branding evolves, the app can be updated to keep up with new design standards, seasonal themes, or rebranding effort

Absolutely, our application is designed with flexibility in mind to ensure that it can be integrated smoothly into your current systems if you want this option.

Our internal team will work closely with you at every step to ensure the integration process enhances your retail operations, streamlines your workflow, and provides a superior experience for your customers.

The white label application is customised to support the brands and products available in your store. When integrating our application into your retail environment, we curate the product listings to ensure that every recommendation made by our shade-matching technology corresponds with the brands you offer.

This tailored approach guarantees that all makeup shade suggestions are immediately purchasable. Our priority is to create a seamless and efficient shopping experience that directly reflects your store's unique product offerings. Please contact us for more information regarding integration.

The application prioritises simplicity and user-friendliness, allowing customers to use it independently, without staff intervention.

With clear instructions and interactive prompts, customers are guided through each step of the shade matching process, making it straightforward for them to use the application on their own.

We are dedicated to customizing our application to include an analytics interface that aligns with the specific requirements of our partners. To provide our partners with the analytics capabilities they require, here's our plan to create a dedicated analytics interface for retailers:

  1. Initial Consultation: We'll start with a series of meetings with our retailer partners to understand their specific needs and the key metrics that would be most valuable for their businesses.
  2. Designing the Interface: Our design team will craft an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can integrate seamlessly with the existing application. This interface will focus on presenting data in an easily digestible format, using graphs, charts, and heatmaps./li>
  3. Data Integration: We will work on the backend infrastructure to ensure that the application can collect and process the required data without compromising on performance or user privacy.
  4. Beta Testing: Before full-scale implementation, we'll select a group of retailers for beta testing, ensuring that the interface meets their needs and is free from bugs.
  5. Customizable Dashboards: Retailers will have the ability to customize their dashboards, choosing which data points to monitor regularly. This might include real-time analytics on customer interactions, product performance, and inventory needs.
  6. Training and Support: Upon launch, we'll provide comprehensive training to ensure that retailer staff are confident in using the interface. We'll also establish a support line for any technical queries or issues.
  7. Scalability: As we add more features and capabilities to our application, the analytics interface will be designed to scale and incorporate additional data points and functionalities.
  8. Feedback Loop: We will establish a feedback loop with our retail partners, allowing for continual improvement of the analytics interface based on their hands-on experience and evolving needs.

For a custom quote that aligns with the scale and requirements of your business, please reach out to our sales team.

We regularly update the database with your new product releases to ensure that the shade matching technology remains accurate and relevant. For discontinued items, they are promptly removed as suggestions to maintain an up-to-date inventory for your customers.

Our retailers can expect comprehensive customer service and technical maintenance if they need support. We offer several support channels including a dedicated helpdesk, email support, and an emergency hotline for critical issues. Our support team is trained to handle a range of queries from simple troubleshooting to complex technical challenges.

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